Music Theory

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Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Key Signatures

Students who are currently learning their scales and chords keep track of their progress on the Who Knows What bulletin board.

Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Key Signature Kit. Contents:  Pencil Pouch, Solfege tone finders. Scale and arpeggio tone finders. Scale fingering/key signature chart. Circle of 5ths chart/spinner, set of key signature flash cards.

The <em>Who Knows What</em> bulletin board - Requirements for each star: Steady tempo, no help from the teacher.

The Who Knows What bulletin board – Standard of Excellence: Steady tempo, correct fingering, no help from the teacher.

This board turned out to be surprisingly motivating. Students like to make up colorful, inventive patterns with their stars and they admire each other’s progress and star patterns. New students ask, “Why don’t I have a chart? Can I start one now? How do I get stars?”  If a new student has a chart with no stars for several weeks some students even become concerned and ask, “Why doesn’t _____ have any stars?” After finishing one chart they ask, “When can I start the next chart?”

Violet just finished learning the 12 major pentascales

Violet just finished learning the 12 major pentascales


Favorite Theory Games

Blue Jello Cards, Blue Jello Puzzle, and Real Rhythm Cards from Music Mind Games