Preparing for a Recital

How to Help Your Child Have a Great Experience

Student FAQ’s

How will I know where to sit?
The students all sit together in one area. The student seats are numbered. Find your number on your copy of the printed program.

How will I know when it’s my turn to play?
The performers are numbered on the printed program. You will be sitting next to the ones who are before and after you.

What order do I play my songs?
The order is printed on the program.

Can I use my music?

Can I play my songs by heart?

What do I wear?
It’s a special occasion so wear something nice. School clothes are fine. So are formal dresses.

Recital Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Do help them prepare by being their practice audience and coaching them through the Recital Performance Practice steps. (all students have a copy in their notebooks)
Do arrive at the recital location early enough for them to try out the piano, and get seated and relaxed.
Do say how much you enjoyed the music.
Don’t compare one student to another.
It might not even occur to them to be nervous. So if they don’t seem to be – don’t ask them about it. 🙂