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Teaching Philosophy

Find out what kind of music the student likes to play – and then teach them how to play it well. Strive for excellence in an atmosphere of artistic freedom, and joyful experimentation.

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Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. University of Arkansas, 1983.
Kodaly Level I Certification Course. Portland State University. 1996. With Jill Trinka and Rita Klinger
Taubman Summer Institute, Amhearst, MA July 1997.
Taubman Teacher Training Workshops January 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2010
Technics Music Academy Level I. Memphis, TN 2004.
Works in Progress
How to Play the Piano by Ear Book One and Book Two


Music Teachers National Association
Oregon Music Teachers Association – Honorary Life Member
Private Study:
Bill Gant (University of Arkansas), Leon Bugg (Kansas City, Missouri), Harold Gray, Nellie Tholen, Elizabeth Stern, Trula Whelan, Mark Westcott, Lisa Marsh, Deborah Cleaver, John Bloomfield

Sidewalk Testimonial

Sidewalk Testimonial