Piano Studio

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Beginning through advanced students use a broad range of activities to learn to play the piano, while also learning general music theory. Explore this site to learn more about this comprehensive approach, the policies and programs, and to see examples from some of the students.

Piano lessons are for adults who

  • never had a music lesson but always wanted to play piano
  • had lessons as a child and want to continue from where they left off
  • play by ear and always wanted to learn to read music
  • read music, and want to learn to play by ear
  • play well, but need help with “that one section”
  • want to learn to play with nuance and expression

Piano lessons are for children who

  • constantly pick out tunes by ear
  • put sheet music on the piano and pretend to read it
  • are six or older, and play random notes continuously over 30 minutes
  • beg for piano lessons, or at least ask

Please contact Ramona by email or telephone if you have questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment.